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Hello and thank you for visiting my gallery. My name is Stephen Born and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For 27 years, I made a living as a professional photographer shooting images for a variety of clients including the Wheaties cereal boxes.

Over the years, I found people to be my most compelling photographic subjects. The diversity that is the human race continues to captivate my interest. At the same time I was working as a professional photographer, I was drawn to woodworking. I love the smell of a freshly cut piece of wood and the chance to work with my hands.

This has led me to combine my love of woodworking with my fascination with the human form into my business called BodyShapes Sculptural Creations™. Each sculpture is created with 13 layers of laminated, furniture grade Baltic Birch wood, faced with a black phenolic resin.

I have designed these near life-size sculptures to be a beautiful addition to any home or business and easily installed by you!  I have created a series of unique sculptures, but I also work on commission for that unique piece that you may have in mind for your home or business. I am also able to work from your artwork or work with you to create a sculpture from a concept or idea you have in mind.

Your unique, signed, and dated sculpture, will be given to you in its own custom designed box, complete with installation instructions, template, and sticky backed Velcro for mounting each piece. No hammers or drills are required, just some tape and a sharp scissors or hobby knife. The Velcro and sticky back surface is of industrial grade strength, and will stick to a matte or flat painted surface for a very long time. The sculptures in my home have been on my matte painted walls for well over a year. *

If you need to move to a new home or business, simply pull the pieces off the wall, put them in the custom designed box that comes with protective foam and convenient carrying handle, and you're set to go!

Thank you once again for viewing my gallery. Please feel free to contact with me regarding any questions you may have.

Stephen A. Born

*(Semi gloss and gloss painted walls, or surfaces with a texture, may not hold as well and may require a more aggressive form of hook and loop material made by 3M. I have included this in the installation instructions that come with every sculpture.)

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