I'm thrilled to announce that my sculptures are now being sold at Grande Gallery located on the second level of the Dayton's Project building in downtown Minneapolis. 

For those of you not familiar with Dayton's and the downtown area, this store was started by the Dayton family in 1902 and they went on to create the Target stores as well. Recently, this building finished a complete remodelling while keeping the historic feel of the structure. The Grande Gallery is located on the second level right at the skyway entrance to the building connecting it to the Crystal Court. Thousands of people pass through this section everyday.

I have a fantastic opportunity to get my work in front of those people because the gallery has three display windows that face the skyway. These are the very large windows reminiscent of this type of traditional department store. Grande Gallery is owned by Peter Moos and Steve Mihm. They have 40 years of gallery experience and have some amazing pieces created by Dr. Seuss, Dali, Picasso, Tom Everhart, and some phenomenal Minnesota artists like......uh.....ME! They sure do have good taste in fine art!

Check them out on Facebook or their website at: https://www.grandegallery.com/