I just received an interesting email the other day from the folks at the ArtZipper online art marketplace. I am currently being introduced on the home page as a featured artist! Similar to Etsy, the ArtZipper website brings together many different artisans who are interested in selling their art work to the general public. Hosted by the well known Amdur Productions Company, ArtZipper gives artists yet another way to interact with the general public. Stop by the ArtZipper website and check out all the talented artists!

Amdur Productions Company also produces several dozen art fairs in the Chicago area during the summer. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to exhibit my work at the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park Illinois this past summer and hope to return again in 2019. 

Below is a screen capture of the ArtZipper home page featuring my work.

Photo of ArtZipper home page featuring the work of Stephen A. Born of BodyShapes Sculptural Creations.